Traveling To Nevada For Out-Of-State Abortion Services

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Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, many states have implemented abortion bans. Unfortunately, these restrictive abortion bans are causing women to have to travel to another state to receive abortion services. As a result, many out-of-state patients are traveling to neighboring states like Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. Patients who must travel to have access to abortion might wonder what state is the best option for them. We will give you an overview of how to travel to the state of Nevada for abortion care. 

Traveling from Texas and Utah To Receive Abortion Care In Nevada

Most importantly, before you plan your trip across state lines for abortion access, you must consider how far along your pregnancy is. State law prohibits women in Nevada from having an abortion past 25 weeks and six days unless the pregnancy poses a risk to the mother’s life, health, or general well-being, including their mental health. The type of procedure you are interested in getting depends on the pregnancy’s length. Medical or pill abortions are only performed up to eleven weeks of pregnancy. After eleven weeks of pregnancy, women must have a surgical abortion. You can use our free online pregnancy calculator here to determine how far along you are. 

Driving From Texas for An Abortion

If you plan on driving from Texas to Nevada, we recommend traveling to Las Vegas to shorten the drive. 

Driving from Dallas, TX, to Las Vegas, Nevada, will take approximately 17 hours and 18 minutes to complete the drive. 

If you are driving from Houston, TX, to Las Vegas, Nevada, it will take approximately 20 hours and 30 minutes.

When driving from Texas, you will drive through New Mexico and Arizona before reaching Southern Nevada. 

Driving From Utah for An Abortion

If you decide to take your car to Nevada and live in Salt Lake City, the travel times from Las Vegas and Reno are very similar. Traveling to Reno takes about seven hours, whereas traveling to Las Vegas will be around a six-hour trip. 

If you live in the Saint George Area, we recommend making the trip to Las Vegas to seek abortion because it is only a two-hour drive to Southern Nevada. Additionally, we recommend just driving in for Saint George and surrounding residents to shorten the travel time. 

Flying To Las Vegas For An Abortion

When flying to Las Vegas, you will fly into Harry Reid International Airport. Harry Reid International Airport is a large airport with an abundance of accommodations, slot machines, Starbucks, and Coffee Beans. Airport security is efficient, and the employees at Harry Reid are always pleasant. Another benefit of Harry Reid International Airport is its proximity to the Las Vegas Strip, which has a plethora of hotel rooms, dining, and entertainment. The Las Vegas Strip is even home to CVS, Target, and Walgreens. 


The flight from Dallas, Texas, to Las Vegas, Nevada, is about three hours long. For a last-minute round-trip flight to Las Vegas, the prices on airlines without luggage range from $66-$100. Airlines that include luggage with your flight are pricing the tickets from $200 to $380.

Out-Of-State patients from Houston, Texas, flying to Las Vegas to seek abortion care can expect to have a three-hour and 20-minute flight unless, of course, their itinerary includes a layover. The prices range from $52-$218, all on airlines where luggage is not included.


Flying into Las Vegas from Salt Lake City to access reproductive care will cost anywhere from $38-$83 for a last-minute seat on an airline that doesn’t include baggage. For airlines that include luggage in the ticket costs, the flights are about $158-$283. Additionally, the flight into Harry Reid International Airport is about an hour and a half long.


If you decide to travel to Las Vegas, NV seeking an abortion, the amount of lodging available will add some ease to your trip. The Las Vegas strip is home to luxury mega-resorts with rooms at affordable prices. Rooms on the Strip range from $27 to $200 for hotels you’d be more than happy to stay in. Traveling patients are in luck because the Strip is nearby several women’s health care providers making it easy to get to a clinic. Most abortion clinics in Las Vegas are located centrally on Sahara and Charleston Boulevard, and since the Strip is in the heart of Las Vegas, you could not find a more close-by place to stay. 

Hotels on the south Strip (if you were looking on a map between Sahara and Spring Mountain on Las Vegas BLVD.) are some of the newest and most high-end hotels and are the closest hotels to Birth Control Care Center. You can view our location here.

If you’re looking to stay off the Strip, we recommend checking out hotels in Summerlin and hotels on South Las Vegas Boulevard near Blue Diamond. In addition, there are beautiful resort options off-the-strip if you’d prefer a quieter, calmer location. 

Out-Of-State patients seeking abortion also should consider the length of time they will need to book their stay. The length of time you need to stay in Las Vegas depends on the type of abortion procedure you receive. Medical abortions only require a patient to be in the office for one day but must take pills 24-48 hours after visiting the office, which will induce the abortion. So, for a medical abortion, you may want to extend your trip until after the pregnancy has passed. Furthermore, two weeks after the medical abortion, we schedule a follow-up visit to make sure the pregnancy has passed. Surgical abortions can take one office visit up to fourteen weeks. After fourteen weeks, the surgery can take two to three days of returning to the office until the abortion is completed. You can view more information about our surgical abortion services here. 

Abortion Providers in Las Vegas

Birth Control Care Center is an abortion provider in Las Vegas who is accepting patients from states where abortion has been banned. 

We perform medical abortions and surgical abortions for women up to 25 weeks and six days pregnant. The cost of an abortion varies depending on how far along your pregnancy is, but there is a lot of information on our website regarding the procedures we offer, the cost, and how to get in contact with us.

Additionally, we offer other reproductive health care services like vasectomies and birth control.

At Birth Control Care Center, we want to help patients access abortion care, so if you have any questions about traveling across state lines because you seek abortion services feel free to call or text us here. 

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