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At Birth Control Care Center we work to ensure that your procedure is as easy as possible. We have helped thousands of women across America and continue to give the same level or service to everyone.

We Strive To Help Women Across America

We pride ourselves on ensuring that each and every one of our patients are fully satisfied. This is demonstrated by the fact that over 50% of our patients are prior patients or referred by them.

"They treated me with respect"

I didn't feel like I was being rushed or like I was a cow. They treated me with respect and compassion. I was afraid so I did what I thought was best. The staff was caring and nice they didn't rush me. They took the time to explain to me what all was going to happen. I was there 2 hours for a couple of reasons. The surgery itself took all but 4 minutes. The recovery room was nice and when I felt nauseous they gave me medicine for it and made sure before I left I was OK to walk. If I ever need their services again I would definitely go back. I appreciate the fact that there was no judgement at all. And the second day afterwards they called and make sure I didn't have and extreme bleeding problems or cramping. Thank you.

Marcy Roddick
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"I highly recommend this place"

I really like this place, because they treat me really good, everybody was so respectful and didn't have me waiting too long. I highly recommend this place.

Junue Pena
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"I recommend them"

Excellent work they were very kind to me I recommend them thanks

Andreina Alas
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"Staff was nice & very informative"

Staff was nice & very informative. The waiting area is comfortable. The only 2 things that I did not like in the 4 hours I was there was the wait time and I felt that I was being rushed out of there after my procedure. Also no one has called like they said they would to ask how I am, it's been 3 days since I was there.

Judy Olives
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"Dr. Levy is wonderful, gentle, and caring"

I had a surgical abortion here. The experience overall was very positive. The office is nice and clean; the staff is caring and concerned, and they will answer all of your questions without judging you but making you feel comfortable and respected. The ultrasound technician was very friendly and will not show you the ultrasound unless you request it. The nurses are very nice and friendly; they made me feel at ease because I was super nervous and scared. They explained the procedure to me and answered all of my questions. Dr. Levy is wonderful, gentle, and caring with a lot of experience. He came in and introduced himself ... Explained a few things about the procedure, and asked me if I had any concerns or questions. He had a female doctor working with him (I was so nervous I forgot her name ). However, she came in with Dr. Levy and explained the procedure as well and made me feel at ease. She held my hand and assured me I am in good hands. I started to cry, and Dr.Levy handed me a tissue and held my hand, making me feel comfortable and telling me it will be ok ... Fast and pain-free. Both the doctors and the nurses have a great bedside manner. They all spoke to me about different topics during the procedure to keep my mind off. It was literally 4mins later that they were finished. I did not feel a thing. The IV makes you feel like you are in la la land. The nurse that took care of me after was so friendly and caring. Thank you so much, everyone ... You truly are amazing at your jobs and making sure the patient is well taken care of.

Marianna C.
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"Super friendly care"

Super friendly care, and super quick procedure. They informed me and took care of me. There's protestors as you come in, but they're separated far enough from the entrance. Don't let them influence you with false information.

Erika Butner
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My experience with Dr Levy and his staff has been 5-Stars. The office reached out to me today. I have my prescription filled and my concern resolved. Thank you Kathy for calling me this morning and answering my brief questions and thank you Dr Levy, including staff for continuing to provide exceptional service. I recommend this business to others.

Nekro Rose
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"I traveled from Texas"

I traveled from Texas and the truth is that I had the best experience in this place, the treatment of the girls, I loved each person who attended me, he explained the process step by step, the doctor who did the procedure for me, I was fascinated, there was no pain or any other inconvenience I recommend it 100% and the clinic is very clean and everything is very organized ☺️

Lianet Victoria
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"This place is amazing & so great at what they do"

This place is amazing & so great at what they do. As long as you're 11 weeks and under, the price for everything is $500. I came in not knowing how far along I was but they called me back, did my ultrasound, and told me I was 7 weeks. I was kind of scared to do the surgical procedure but I had researched it and read that it's the safest, fastest, and only requires about a day of downtime to rest afterward. Dr. Levy was great at making me feel comfortable and even told me before the procedure that it would not mess with my future fertility. The procedure itself takes about 5 minutes and then they put you in the recovery room to rest for about 15 minutes. After that, they allow you to get picked up. They call you the next day to make sure you're doing well & encourage you to make a follow-up appointment after 2 weeks to make sure you're healing nicely & that you're not still pregnant. After going home, I still felt groggy but just slept pretty much the whole day. I felt great and back to normal a couple of hours after that & actually was able to go back to work the next day. Such an amazing and professional place, 11/10 would recommend it.

April J.
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"10/10 would recommend :)"

I couldn't have asked for a better experience with my surgical abortion. great staff, great doctor, 10/10 would recommend :)

Julie S.
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"I would recommend this place"

I would recommend this place to anyone that needed it. Admittedly its not really in an appealing location. Although it plays well with how discreet they are. ... anyway.. Its a small building. The staff here was absolutely wonderful to me and my boyfriend when we called. Since we were quite nervous they really did show the compassion in really helping us out. When we went for an ultrasound the lady at the desk was really nice. She answered all our questions. Being 17 weeks pregnant the price was 1100, she gave us a number to call that would help aid us for financial help. She made it clear to never stop calling if you dont get through the first few times to just hang up and keep trying because they would really help out. With two phones it took about 500 calls to finally get through. Man, they helped out with a fair amount i was able to make an appointment 3days later. Alright, so day of the appointment they took down blood work, made me read and sign documents about the post procedure and the procedure itself. They supplied me with pain killers, prescriptions for birth control and nausea pills. The nurse was very kind and sat down and took the time to make me feel comfortable and didnt make me feel as though im a bad person or anything like that. Finally meeting my actually doctor, Dr. Stanley was WONDERFUL. She had such a uplifting compassionate vibe. She kept a convo going so that i wouldn't focus on the pain when she put in the dialators. After that it was pretty emotional but she comforted me. The day of the actual procedure i had an IV sedation. Dr. Stanley said that i would be fully awake while it was happening but would be in a state of not really caring what was happening. Honestly, theres three medicines that get injected with the iv ; the first one was for anxiety and things like that. They will accommodate to your needs though, so you dont have to worry about that. I really dont remember much after. I remember asking if it was going to hurt, she did say it would. With the sedation i cant remember anything. The procedure went extremely well. I just remember being in the recovery area and feeling perfectly fine. I had no pain at all. When i got home i still felt perfectly fine. Of course you still have to rest the rest of that day. But the this is the place to go, i dont believe there is any other place that will make you feel better than here. The compassion is there. It is absolutely very discreet. My boyfriend was in the waiting room i believe the only thing told to him when i went in and came out of surgery; just simply keeping him up to date. They didnt say much to him unless he asked. Otherwise everything was told to me only. I highly recommended BCCC.

Cristhian Rodri
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"I had a great experience and care was over the top"

The only discomfort I felt was walking into the building and being harassed by anti-choice bums. Other than that, I had a great experience and care was over the top. Everyone I interacted with was so warm and kind and made me feel safe. I had driven in from Texas and was welcomed with such grace. I am forever grateful to the staff who made my visit run smoothly.

Selina Gonzalez
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"Grateful for my time spent at this clinic"

Everyone here was so great, understanding, sweet, caring, and warm. I was nervous the whole morning but all of the nurses, ultrasound tech, the woman who did my iv, Dr.Levy, everyone was so supportive throughout my journey. I was there for about 3 hours from start to finish. I’m so happy this is where i went to have my procedure. 5 stars. 100 stars if i could. Thank you all for everything.

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"Highly recommend"

Staff is amazing, very grateful for their personal and professional care. Highly recommend.

Danielle B.
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"Wonderful wonderful wonderful"

Wonderful wonderful wonderful. I was so nervous and anxious about getting an abortion but this clinic changed Everything. My experience was comfortable, quick and affordable, and an absolute bliss due to the extraordinary staff. Living in a pro-life Red state that makes contraception and abortion methods difficult to obtain/completely unobtainable, expensive, shameful, exhaustingly stressful and reclusive had desecrated any opportunity I had to handle the situation within a responsible, appropriate time frame, with any comfort or understanding from the people involved (nor anyone else); making me so grateful I made the 391 mile trip to this clinic. As much as I appreciate the professional, relaxed environment the clinic provides, the staff was by far the best part of the experience. Honorably gracious, communicative, reassuring, honest, and upbeat demeanor from every staff member I was in contact with. The doctor is an absolute diamond that took incredible care of me and made the experience relaxed, comfortable and inspired confidence and alacrity in my decision. I am so enlightened and inspired by these stunning individuals, I would love to become involved in their line of work. I plan on donating to this clinic as soon as I am able, thank you so so much to everyone that helped me.

Toki R.Jeanne
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"Continue to be Great"

Thank You so much Dr. Levy & Assistants for taking such great care of me. For your kindness throughout the whole process. I am familiar with this process and not every encounter was 5 star but today was. I'm very appreciative of my recovery assistant as well she made me feel safe and secure. I felt a bit rushed the last time, & I expressed that and she made sure I left when I felt comfortable enough. Thank You so much for your comfort during recovery. I greatly appreciate you all being so professional during such an extremely hard time. Continue to be Great -Adidas

Lands C.
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"Everyone was extremely nice"

I can't say enough positive things about this place. Everyone was extremely nice. I didn't feel judged in the slightest. The nurses were wonderful they all took their time to make sure I understood the process and to answer any questions I had. Dr. Levy was amazing. He made sure I was comfortable and after the procedure even came to recovery to ask me if I was feeling alright.

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"absolutely amazing and very accommodating!"

The doctor and staff were absolutely amazing and very accommodating! The only issue I had was the wait time. My appointment was at 9 but my procedure wasn't until 1230ish, but I do understand that it is a doctor's office and other appointments before me can take more time than expected, it just made me more anxious than I initially was. Overall though, I was very pleased with my care there!

Samantha Wingrove
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"my over all experience here was great"

Here is my experience, I came in today, super nice staff, wait was long, but they were busy so I understood, I checked in waited, a super nice nurse called me to check my vitals and I was brought in a room to do my ultrasound, shortly after I waited again to be called to pay, sat back down, 40 mins the nurse called me to the back she gave me a pill started with a M I had to wait, an hour later I was called again I filled out more paperwork they escorted me to a room where the procedure was going to be performed by DR Levy, they played nice relaxing music, a nice little painting above you so it helps, I was then sedated next thing I was loopy dr was done in 10 minutes I don't remember but it wasn't long, I waited in a recovery room, my mouth was extremely dry, they won't allow you to drink water, well that's what the nurse told me, after waiting 15-20 minutes they paged my husband he picked me up I was a little loopy for a hour but still aware, my over all experience here was great and I would recommend it. Remember, everyone has a choice. Don't let those protesters make you feel ashamed.

Shanice P.
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"Everyone was caring and understanding"

This place is there to help you out. Everyone was caring and understanding. Not one negative thing to say. I'm glad that that review didn't hinder my decision, to do what was best for me.

Ivette “Eviee” M
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"Very friendly and helpful"

Very friendly and helpful. Also a speedy process. Couldn't be more thankful fire their staff.

Ali Wright
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"this office truly made me feel safe"

I came here for the big A word and let me say the staff especially DOCTOR she was female I forgot her name but she gave me the warmest grab of the hand and spoke to me briefly before my procedure, I'll never forget even as going under a sedative the feeling of comfort she gave me I truly felt safe after that moment and I've never felt like that in the presence of a doctor. Also makes it more comfortable having a women do the procedure especially such a awesome one. I hate that I had to come here and never want to go back but if I had to this office truly made me feel safe and didn't make a hard situation harder. Thank you doctor Once again & your staff.

Mariah G.
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"Dr. Adam Levy was wonderful"

Dr. Adam Levy was wonderful. I was very nervous for the surgery, but Dr. Levy and his excellent staffs made me feeling very comfortable for the procedure. Nurses were very professional and kind as well. I will highly recommend this center to anyone who needs their good medical service.

haekyong mcsweeney
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"Everything was done quickly and smoothly"

Ok after my troubles of getting seen because of the holiday, that's all over with now and I got my appt quickly after the holiday was over. I didn't have to wait long after arriving for my appointment either. Everything was done quickly and smoothly and the waiting room and patient rooms were clean and quiet. Staff here are kind, informative and very understanding to my concerns. I would recommend this place to my friends. Thank you.

The Las Vegas Mermaid
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"thankful I found a place where I'm comfortable"

I don't know how I ever went to another women's care center. Mostly everyone in this building is so warm and friendly and my nurse made feel comfortable and made sure I understood procedures and felt ok with any decision I wanted to make. The one and most upsetting down side that doesn't reflect on BCCC itself is that there are very verbal anti-abortion people that stand outside on a regular and all day basis. Definitely had me a little anxious + high strung when I walked through the doors. Overall very appreciate and thankful I found a place where I'm comfortable

Kaylee O.
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"Dr Levy was amazing!"

Dr Levy was amazing! Great place, very clean.

Rebecca Brown
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"The doctor was great"

Came here for my first time to terminate a pregnancy by pill method. Would definitely recommend this place. Everyone is very polite & sympathetic. The doctor was great & explains everything in detail. Safe environment

Andrea C.
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First off, beautiful and clean office. Second of all, WONDERFUL staff. From the lady on the phone with the sweet voice who schedules your appointments to the wonderful kind nurses who help you through every step and explain the procedure. Dr. Isaacson is great and has a really relaxing voice that really helps you feel at ease throughout the procedure. They definitely make you feel important and not ashamed. The nurse provided me with 4 free samples of Nuvaring (which is easily worth 400 dollars without insurance). Be careful, though: DON'T go to the clinic across the street called First Choice. They are an anti-abortion clinic who bully women and essentially kidnap them to make them watch anti-abortion Christian videos for hours. Yikes.

Ginger D.
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"very supportive"

Staff very supportive care about patient

Shannon Williams
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"The procedure wasn't painful at all"

My visit here to have an abortion was not at all what I was expecting. The front office was clean and spacious with lots of seating space, a small TV in the corner, and magazines to help your companion wait while your testing and procedure was being done. The staff who work here were all so caring, genuine, and completely supportive of my decision. No one who works here ever gave the impression that they were judging me- they made sure that I was comfortable because they know that it can be scary for a lot of people. They also did a free ultra-sound when I told them I hadn't had one yet but wanted to have one.The nurse who helped me prepare for both the ultrasound and the procedure was very friendly and happy to answer all my questions. When she saw that I was very nervous that it would be hurt she made sure to explain each option they had to offer to help control the pain (local anesthetic, oral sedative, intravenous, etc..) to make sure I was thoroughly informed. She also made me a little bag to bring home that had all the post-procedure instructions to answer questions that I might have as well as a hotline I could call at any time. She also made sure that I would have a prescription for my birth control method of choice (Tri-Sprintec).The room that I had my procedure in was very calming: they play soft music in the background to relax you. I met with a female doctor who was also amazing. This was a doctor who took the time to introduce herself, answer more questions I had, and even held my hand as she talked me through my concerns. The procedure wasn't painful at all. I chose to be sedated and when I came to, I was in a recovery room where a nurse made sure I was comfortable, checked on me every few minutes, and I was able to rest until I was steady enough to get on my feet. She called my companion to come pick me up from a near-by entrance so I wouldn't have to stumble my way back through the front office and then helped me walk to the door to make sure I would be alright.

Caroline E.
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"I felt safe and welcomed"

Honestly I can say all the girls here were all so nice and welcoming. I felt safe and welcomed. I was scared and worried, the staff made me feel at ease with their hospitality!

Daniela Pena
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"I would recommend this office"

Coming in I was very nervous about the whole procedure but the staff made me feel like I was in a comfortable and safe environment. They were very informative and professional, caring and supportive. It was a difficult decision for me but the process was easier than I expected. My veins are tough to find but the woman who placed my IV got it perfectly on the first try. The doctor was very gentle and explained everything before it happened. After the procedure it was helpful that the recovery assistant explained clearly what to expect and answered my questions without judging me. I would recommend this office to someone needing their services.

Amy G.
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" I have the utmost respect for this place"

Let me tell you, what they do to make you comfortable and relaxed is magical. I have the utmost respect for this place. It has a happy/calm vibe. It was a little slow, but there were about 20 women in and out of the waiting room around 9 am. Two old protesters, they won't bother you. The staff is so nice and understanding. The surgeon comes in before and talks to you and puts you at ease. The whole surgery/wake-up process was 18 minutes. This place is amazing for women everywhere. I'm so thankful they're here to help.

Samantha M.
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"can't say enough positive things"

I can't say enough positive things about this place. Everyone was extremely nice. I didn't feel judged in the slightest. The nurses were wonderful they all took their time to make sure I understood the process and to answer any questions I had. Dr. Levy was amazing. He made sure I was comfortable and after the procedure even came to recovery to ask me if I was feeling alright. They even provided me with footprints of my baby which I appreciate very much. I appreciate each and every one of the staff members here. Hopefully I never have to, but if ever I needed to in the future I wouldn't choose any place else. Thank you so much to all the staff for making a difficult decision/situation a lot less stressful than it could have been.

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"Really nice nurses and great Dr."

Really nice nurses and great Dr. Didn’t have to wait so long was in and out for the pill .. they was really nice.

Destiny Love
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"Every staff that I encountered was kind"

I'm using different name for review but I don't know why some of the people write a review like this place is hell. I was concerned before I visit here because of such a stack of one star reviews for here. BUT Every staff that I encountered was kind and caring, above all, they knew what they're doing. Of course there were some waiting times but it didn't bother me because I know medicine business is not about being hasty so that they can satisfy all of patients. I was helped to get a pill today and it took about 2 hours from A to Z processes. You might think this is long to spend but if you come to clinic, you'll figure out how complicated the processes you're going through and why you're going to spend those hours. Staffs will definitely thank for patience so it won't be bad. This place doesn't have hidden cost either. They don't judge you by your choice. I didn't have any problem here.

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"Such an incredible and helpful staff"

Such an incredible and helpful staff. The doctor was absolutely amazing and made me feel so safe and confirmed all my information and answered any additional questions I had. There was a slight lack of communications with what I was being told as far as for my boyfriend waiting or being able to grab a snack and come back but it all got worked out. They made such a stressful situation so much easier for me. Thank you everyone for being so kind and caring!

Karlee T.
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"Everyone here was so great"

I am super super grateful for my time spent at this clinic. Everyone here was so great, understanding, sweet, caring, and warm. I was nervous the whole morning but all of the nurses, ultrasound tech, the woman who did my iv, Dr.Levy, everyone was so supportive throughout my journey. I was there for about 3 hours from start to finish. I’m so happy this is where i went to have my procedure. 5 stars. 100 stars if i could. Thank you all for everything.

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"I am forever grateful"

Everyone I interacted with was so warm and kind and made me feel safe. I had driven in from Texas and was welcomed with such grace. I am forever grateful to the staff who made my visit run smoothly.

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"Entire staff was wonderful to me"

Entire staff was wonderful to me. Very understanding of rescheduling appointments and providing information for prenatal care and other options.

Caroline J.
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"Dr. Levy is a well experienced doctor"

I was very happy with my experience with Dr. Adam Levy in this Center. Dr. Levy is a well experienced doctor with lots of knowledge and very kind.This center also had great nurses & staffs, plus good facility.

Victoria K
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"made me feel welcome"

Friendly staff, didn't have to wait long to be seen. Professional, kind women work here. Answered all my questions & made me feel welcome. Easy to schedule appointments

Rhiannon H.
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"If I could give more stars I absolutely would"

If I could give more stars I absolutely would. Called and was able to set an appointment same week. I knew what I wanted and I'm the kind of girl that wants to go in, get it done and get out. Thank you to guard at the gate guiding me to the right door, as I was going in the wrong direction as I was nervous hearing the protestors outside. Every single staff in there was very friendly. I was nervous because I hate doctor office settings and the staff made me feel so comfortable gave me simple instructions and what's going to happen next. It was the smoothest and most informative visit. Only spent an hour and half there and felt like it went fairly quickly.

Unknown U.
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"Great place and they are very nice"

Great place and they are very nice. They don't force you to do anything, they talk to you an ask you questions to make sure your ok and doing what you want to do. They are very caring and everyone answers your questions, I'm thankful for this place and for makin things so easy

Nicole E.
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"I recommend BCCC"

I came here 07/15. I made an appointment at 930am. When I walked in the waiting was very full. I waited about 15-30min to get weighed and to check my blood pressure. I was then lead to a ultra sound room. The lady who did my ultrasound was super friendly and nice (I forgot to get her name.) she made me feel calm and talked to me throughout my ultra sound. She was very considerate and hid my ultrasound pictures from me, but I requested that I see them. After my ultrasound, I had to wait outside in the waiting room again. I waited about 30min-1hr to get my surgery done. They bring you to another room where you sign more consent papers & get you ready for surgery. I waited another 30min in the room to get my surgery. Once in the operation room, the doctor went over the procedure and reassured me that everything was going to be simple & fast. He hooked my IV up and next thing you know I woke up & everything was done! I still felt a bit nauseous because of the anesthesia. But everyone at the BCCC was very friendly & nice. The only downfall was the wait... I was out at 130-2pm. But it was understandable because they're was a lot of people ahead of us. I recommend BCCC just make sure you call ahead of time for an appointment and to come early :)

Lovey Y.
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"Thank you Birth Control Care Center"

About 10 years ago I had an unplanned pregnancy and chose the Birth Control Care Center for my abortion. I was not ready for the physical and psychological stress of a pregnancy let alone the responsibility of another life and this clinic provided the care I needed. (Its not fancy but it was what I needed) Since then I have been able to avoid any other unintended pregnancies and build a more stable life. I was a waitress and now I am a registered nurse in school working on a doctorate in nurse anesthesia. Thank you Birth Control Care Center for respecting my reproductive rights and giving me a chance to build a good and financially stable life.

Kristine F
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"so comfortable and safe"

This wonderful place made me, a nervous person whose never had any major procedures done, feel so comfortable and safe. I felt nothing (besides the normal shots/Iv punctures lol) and the recovery area nurse was very sweet. Also my fiancé has paramedics training and complimented the IV puncture in my arm so kudos to the lovely nurse with the little girl that gave me my IV needle. You ladies were all so great and I really appreciated you.

Alissa Sophy
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"staff were all so friendly and helpful"

I went in and the staff were all so friendly and helpful. They answered all my questions. The only problem was that the room I was in was a bit too dark for me. The doctor was amazing and had such a good bedside manner.

Kerry Conradie
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"didnt judge you on a decision"

This place was great. Treats you really nice. And didnt judge you on a decision you are making. Thank you

Sylvia M.
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"I had the most positive experience"

I never in my life imagined I'd end up somewhere like this but I had the most positive experience I can imagine in the worst situation possible. My doctor made my appointment and provided my records after other options had been exhausted with urgent care, Women's Health, and UMC. Making an appointment definitely helps with wait times.Staff were very compassionate and accommodating. Nurse Christina in particular took her time to answer all of the questions my partner, and I had and was equal parts informative and reassuring. Dr. Levy went out of his way to ensure I was comfortable before the procedure, specifically regarding future pregnancies. The surgical room is dimly lit with quiet music to help provide a more comfortable setting. They provide a complimentary next-day checkup call and a follow up visit the next week, to address any complications or lingering concerns. TIPS: There are two clinics in this area, make sure you go through the iron parking gates to access this one. Hopefully picketers are not present when you go, as that made a difficult experience so much harder. Afterwards, you must have a ride pick you up.

Stefany V.
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